Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Scam Busters

ScamChecker.com is a report scams online website which trains scam busters. Scam Busters are the one who catch scammers online or offline. They are specially trained on how to deal with scammers. Scam Busters goal is to stop scam, transact with scammers, meet up with scammers, and they are authorized to catch scammers on hand. Scam Busters are trained to go with the flow and negotiate on what scammers want in order to meet up. ScamChecker has the best scam busters online proven by time. ScamChecker’s first scam busters are now the founders of scam busters online which trains new scam busters on how they can catch these scammers. Scam Baiting and Scam Busters are different; scam baiter’s bait scammers to fall for their baits to meet up, while scam busters are trained to seize scammers when whereabouts is given, they are the one who plan on how to seize them and catch them on the act. ScamChecker doesn’t want scam or either anyone else. That is why they are so into busting culprits such as scammers who scam innocent people, taking their weaknesses as their way to gain money.

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  1. I have just been SCAMMED out of $29.99 by a Company called DATA TECH INC...
    They are refusing to refund my money through PayPal and I was under the impression that I was purchasing a legit online work at home opportunity. I am a work class poor who is interested in earning a honest living and is dissappointed regarding the number of people being scammed for trying to seek an honest living. I have written the BBB of Florida State and they were of no help.
    Type At Home
    478 E. Altamonte Dr.
    Suite 108 PMB 225
    Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

    (347) 333-1270