Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nigerian 419 Scams

ScamChecker.com is a report scams online that also targets Nigerian 419 Scams. Nigerian 419 scams are so famous with their method of scammed emails that they are sending and spread all around the world. At first they want to get friend with you (they are someone who have deceased wife or having a sickness, etc), but suddenly needing your help, they have a big amount of money that in order for them to get it to a bank account they need your help by lending your bank account or you’ll be the one who will getting the money with a benefits of 30% or something depending on what both of you talked about. This will be a gamble for your own money, in order to get your portion you have to fly on this country wherein you have to pay an amount there to a person that will settle everything, and it will continuously repeat the situation until they are contented on the money you are sending to them. Only one wins in this Nigerian 419 scam if you fall for that, and it is only them who win. In order to deal with it, first trust your instinct and not to immediately deal to anything under an email messages. Don’t trust them anything, don’t fill up anything for them, sometimes these emails are soo good to be true to attract you and your emotions, never fall for this scam or you’ll regret it in the end. If you receive something email like these, report it to www.scamchecker.com for them to research for it before you reply, if this is scam they will know about it because there are soo many different scam reports are coming to their database and even to the email it came from sending to you. Simple reports not only help you but also help other innocent people who are prone to scammers.

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